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Monday, May 29, 2006

Nation's First Bill of Rights Monument Needs Urgent Help in Arizona

Memorial Day Appeal

Dear Supporter;

I need you take a few minutes this Memorial Day to email ( and call (602-926-5584)

Arizona Senate President Ken Bennett about the fate of HB 2682, the Bill of Rights monument bill. After being assured by his top aide that this non-partisan measure was finally scheduled for a vote last Thursday, I was told on Friday that not only didn’t the scheduled vote take place, but the bill is not at present re-scheduled.

As the 2006 legislative session is within days of adjourning, it is now clear that the Senate President could kill HB 2682 to settle some unknown political score. There is no other explanation for why a bill approving a privately funded monument to honor and celebrate the Bill of Rights, which every single member of the legislature has signed on to as a co-sponsor, can’t get a vote.

Even as someone born and raised in Washington DC, I have to admit that I am astonished by this level of partisanship. Until two weeks ago it had never occurred to me that the leadership of the Arizona Senate, given the opportunity to make their state the first in the nation to so honor this sacred document, could instead decide to snub it in such an off-handed way. That this snub could take place right after Memorial Day, when we take time to remember those Americans who died to defend the freedoms embodied most eloquently in our Bill of Rights, adds insult to injury.

Unless Senate President Bennett hears loudly and clearly from you that he will be noticed and remembered for what he does with this bill, as will the entire Arizona Senate, that is exactly what could happen. Tell Ken Bennett to stop playing politics with HB 2682, and to do the right thing for the people and state of Arizona and the nation by approving this long-overdue honor for the Bill of Rights.


Chris Bliss


Blogger skippy said...

off topic, but thanks, rachel, for linking to my piece on joe scarborough/lori klausutis in the comments section of crooks & liars.

i've been aware of this story since shortly after it happened, and i will do everything i can to keep it alive in front of who ever will listen.

i appreciate your support!

1:38 PM  
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