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Everyone talks a great game about changing the world, or even just their lives, but courage, while free, comes with one price: action. I want to share my bold step with you, and, if you write to me with your bold step, and it's timely, I'll post it on my site every couple of weeks, if not more often.

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Support Bloggers' Rights!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Love Your Member of Congress?

Courtesy Dana Milbank of The Washington Post and Keith Olbermann, the question arose on "Countdown" this evening of people actually continuing to vote for their own member of Congress, even if they don't like the majority of what that person's party is doing right now. Over 60% said that they would vote for the incumbent.

Note to and the Democrats: It's time for the "Love Your Congressman?" commercial. Many Americans, it seems, need to be reminded that just because you love someone doesn't make that person good at his or her job, or even a good person, it just means that your constituency is attracted to charisma, gerrymandering (albeit with some ignorance of this situation), and... power.

The boldest thing we can all do this November is take an honest look at our own Congressional Representatives and Senators and ask ourselves if they are really meeting up to the standards being an American, i.e. actually protecting and defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights. By the way, if you don't remember what's actually written in these documents and need to do your homework, you're not alone. So do many Americans.

If you can do this, you deserve kudos from me.