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Saturday, May 20, 2006

An Urgent Message from Chris Bliss and

Dear supporter:

We urgently need your help this weekend through Wednesday of next week. For the last month, HR 2682 – the unanimously co-sponsored bill approving placement of the nation’s first monument to the Bill of Rights here in Arizona – has been in limbo awaiting a final vote in the Senate. After passing the House 57-0 and sailing unopposed through its Senate committee hearings, the bill – which is non-partisan, has zero cost to the taxpayers, and would bring new prestige to the state capitol - suddenly can’t seem to find a spot on the voting calendar. Incredibly, a non-partisan measure to celebrate and honor the Bill of Rights that's co-sponsored by every single member of the legislature, can't find its way to the Senate floor for a vote.
The office of the bill’s Senate sponsor, Senator Karen Johnson, tells me that the bill is up again in Monday’s Senate caucus, presided over by Senate President Ken Bennett, where a series of measures will be scheduled for votes on Wednesday.

The Bill of Rights needs and deserves to be remembered, revered, and celebrated, not held in reserve fro reasons unknown. This is especially true at this point in our history, with citizens facing the most serious challenge to their personal freedom in generations. We need you to take a few minutes to email and call and your state senator, as well as Senate President Bennett, and tell them you care about the Bill of Rights, and to please schedule the vote for this non-partisan, unanimously supported measure, HR 2682.

To contact Senate President Ken Bennett:
Call : 602-926-5584

To find out who your state senator is, and how to contact him/her, go to: (you will need to know your district #)

Chris Bliss

IMPORTANT PS:: Please, also take the time to thank Senator Karen Johnson. It was Karen, solely out of her passionate belief in the Bill of Rights, who stepped forward to join hands across the aisle and declare her active support for this proposal from the very beginning. It is because of her leadership that the bill is on the verge of Senate approval.
To thank Senator Karen Johnson for her leadership:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris' vision of the Bill of Rights is one that includes the high school seniors I teach; that an older generation should make room for and teach the the Bill of Rights to the younger. Please help him, and all of us, recoginze the source of our freedoms.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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