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Support Bloggers' Rights!

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Standing Up For Our Right To Vote - An OBS Exclusive

At a rally with Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer this past Thursday, where she was plugging Diebold and voting machines, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horn, insinuated that Fred and Steve McChesney, from "The M & M Show", were attempting to block Ms. Brewer from speaking. In fact, he did one better by calling the McChesneys "fascists." All the McChesneys did was hold up a sign saying that Diebold steals votes and chant: "All we want is our vote to count." Mr. Horn was brave enough to go on "The M & M Show", today, to defend himself, and he got hammered. Steve started off by getting Tom on tape saying that he would not bring any legal action against him for speaking out about Tom's action toward him. After this was on tape (very brilliant), Fred went on to ask Mr. Horn what his definition of Freedom of Speech was, and instead of giving a straight answer, Horn spent over half an hour going around in circles to avoid giving a direct answer. In fact, Mr. Horn had the audacity, in response to me telling him that he was setting a very bad example for his teachers, to use his dead family members as an excuse for calling the McChesneys fascists. Now, I am not an attorney, as Mr. Horn is, but I know that intent is the most difficult thing for an attorney to prove. If Mr. Horn wants to prove the McChesneys' intent, that's fine, but he should do it in court, where he can take weeks, if not months, to build a solid case against them. Otherwise, Mr. Horn is full of hot air. Kudos to the McChesney brothers for having me on and being bold enough to fight back on the air!


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