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Monday, January 23, 2006

A Call To Duty

Dear Citizens,

What troubles me now is a leadership and a general state of mind across our great nation, so far removed from intellect that our country seesaws on the brink of irreversible destruction. I see only dark clouds in the likes of our appointed President Bush and his shadows Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rice, Secretary Rumsfeld, and nominee to The Supreme Court Samuel Alito. Mr. Bush is Jeffersonian in his fancy ways of igniting democracy, yet we forget so easily that he has neither Jefferson’s eloquence in a foreign language, or his Revolutionary experience. I do see a very disturbing time ahead if such people as The President are continued to be espoused as Leaders. The thought leaves me wishing for the likes of The Alien and Sedition Acts proposed under Adams, who also reminds me of Mister Bush in his eventual turn against a free press, but who differs from Bush in his senses of necessity and sacrifice, not to mention a certain learned capacity which Bush seems to have drunk into the abyss of our six year hell. Even these two men, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, would not have stooped, for all their humanly blunders, to the low point of directly spying within the homes of their own citizens. Brutal though paying off the press is, vile though going to war is, neither buying a seditionist’s services nor warring with Napoleon would be so deep a breech of trust, not to mention a blatant display of arrogance, even for a young, flowering nation such as ours in the late 1700s.
It would do The Fourth Estate well to remember Adams’ acts against the seditionists. They seem to cower in fear at the thought of losing coveted access to a man no more powerful than you or I. A pitiful sight is The White House these days. The fact of the matter is that the only thing a free press didn’t do was stop Adams from retaining peace with the French; this at a time when the high seas were the only thing standing between a man and his reelection. How stupid it would have been if Jefferson’s ilk had had its way and gone to war with a revolutionary Napoleon. He was no Adams, no Washington, and even no Jefferson. And here America stands, on the brink of permanent war with the likes of a modern-day Napoleon Bonaparte. The French deposed Napoleon. Should not one day the Muslim world and the common Saudis do the same of Osama bin Laden and his followers, whether they family or mere friends? What nerve our dear President has to suggest that they will never be capable of doing so! For all their struggles, today both America and France enjoy greater freedoms than either nation could ever have expected; the British, too. Curse you, Mr President. Curse you for your ignorance and foolishness. Did you drink us into the underworld Hades?
And as to you, my dear fellow Americans, Dare you fall asleep? I am not the only poor soul who wonders where all of our pride has gone. We posses documents that inspire modern revolutions in nations where no such thought would have previously occurred. Yet, at the first signs of betrayal by our leaders in The Government, a great group of us stands by silent? It does not take memories of The Holocaust to make our Revolutionary Fathers and Mothers restless in their graves. All they have to do, from their heavenly respites, is look at the living ghosts of King George III.
I call those of you, now, who have foolishly chosen to continue following the Napoleon upon our own soil to repent before your people. I urge you currently to admit your grave mistake. Blame it on the same human fear that the rest of us shared with you on The Eleventh of September, of The Great Year Two Thousand and One, if you must, but do it at once! Never has our Republic so dearly needed your return to the laws of the heart, as well as of the logical mind. See with your minds’ eyes into the core of our depleted Treasury and the concern of our spent Military. Envision the sad spirits in a foreign land filled with outlandish names like “Iraq” and “Iran.” View the great disservice you have done to their futures, as well as your own. Deliver us from the abomination you call your duty, and return to duty’s side as her true companions.
The will of our people is thin, but not gone. As long as we have breath in us, we are free to rebel, if we must. On the testimony of men, and women, who have risen up against tyranny and won, I submit my deepest beliefs in this nation, and I urge restraint on all sides, lest we need our energies for greater causes.

Respectfully yours,

Rachel Gluck
Proud Citizen of The Republic


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